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Going in Firm with a Bully offer.

With the competition in the Real Estate market, you'll see a listing in the low 500's and taking offers the next day or in a few days. Then the next morning you find out the seller of the home you had planned to make an offer on took a Firm Bully offer.

So we've found a listing with a price tag that can't be beaten, readying to accept offers either the next day or in the coming days. You wake up the next morning to find the home's been sold conditionally. But how? Its what we call the firm Bully offer.

The firm bully is one of a kind. It's typically pre-emptive (before a seller is even open to accepting offers), it's "firm" because the buyer has offered to take the place with no conditions. 😱, no home inspection, nothing. and its irrevocable window is so tight, a seller will only have a few hours at most to take it or leave it.

It's a high-pressure tactic. This strategy can be useful for someone who has been pre-approved, is putting a minimum down payment of 20%, offers a large deposit, and is willing to go above asking price to make it worth the Sellers time.

It's a great way to win in the current Real Estate market, where there are more buyers than homes to sell.

If you or anyone you know is looking for representation, I live and breathe Real Estate in the City and I've got time to help you buy or sell your property, call me.

Your Friend in Real Estate,

Christine Ivy Stephenson | Real Estate Agent

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