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Here's a Real Estate Hack to grow your money 🤑🚧

The Bank of Canada 🏦 has been hiking interest rates 🔺 so much that the real estate market has slowed down substantially. So, where can you invest your money where you'll be able to hedge against these rising mortgage rates?

The hack is to invest in a Preconstruction project that closes in 3-5 years (avoiding today's mortgage rates), and watch your money 💵 appreciate while the property is being built.

Looking at the bank of Canada's interest rate cycles for the past 15 years 📈, by the time the property is finished, the mortgage interest rates will be significantly lower🔻than today in approximately 3-5 years.

Essentially, you'll be protecting your wealth from interest rate hikes while deferring carrying costs, meaning no property taxes, no mortgage, no utilities, and no insurance.🤑 And if you're not interested in being a landlord, no tenants either.

Real Estate is an excellent long-term investment. Preconstruction is a great vehicle to grow your initial deposit by investing in projects with an extended deposit structure, ideal location and high resale value. I'm happy to guide you through the process.

Check out today's hottest 🔥

🚧 Preconstruction projects here.

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