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Will COVID-19 put the breaks on the Real Estate Market?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Bank of Canada cut interest rates by 100 basis points in the last 10 days to cushion the economic blow caused by COVID-19.

If you're currently looking to buy a home, expect your borrowing costs to decrease. Stay ready, the impact of COVID-19 can go in any direction. It could be a very advantageous time to buy. Get in touch with me for expert advice on the perfect timing.

What does this mean if you're looking to sell and downsize? It's a good idea to list your home right away. The timing is still on your side, you've got the momentum due to the limited inventory and high demand. Check back here regularly for updates on the Real Estate Market.

The average sale prices for condos in the GTA

The average sale prices for townhomes in the GTA

The average sale prices for semi-detached homes in the GTA

The average sale prices for Detached homes in the GTA

If you or someone you know is thinking of Buying or Selling a home and would like a free Market Evaluation or specific statistics for a region/neighborhood; or If you have any Real Estate questions, please call me I will be happy to help.

Your Friend in Real Estate,

Christine Ivy Stephenson | Real Estate Agent

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C. Ivy & start packing

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