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Market Trends

The year 2020 has officially started and it is exciting to tap into numerous speculations about upcoming interior design trends. Interior design magazines interview their favorite interior designers to find the home ideas that are to be everywhere soon.

How do we predict trends at CPI Interiors? Being a franchise of Decorating Den, the largest design franchise company in North America, we regularly receive reports about what was seen in the latest High Point Market exhibit. The High Point, North Carolina furniture market, is the place that designers from around the world go to see the latest in home furnishing trends. The market, open only to the trade, consists of over 180 buildings, 12 million square feet of show space and is home to over 3,000 exhibitors who show there twice a year. Here we can see the latest trends in color, furniture, lighting, floor covering, fabrics and accessories.

Each of the major paint companies as well as Pantone, at least once a year, announces what they think is the “color of the year”. Rarely, if ever, do they introduce the same color. The color of the year is a predictor of the paint color and decorating trends to come. As an example, this year Pantone announced Classic Blue the color of 2020. Benjamin Moore’s color choice was First Light, a pale pink. Naval, a navy blue, was announced to be the color of the year by Sherwin Williams.


We noticed little change regarding color direction moving forward into 2020. So far, things continue to lean towards blue. Next, throw in a splash of pale pink and then add some soft greens and we have the color palette seen most in the market.

Curves are trending

Curvy furniture is all over the market. Curves and round shapes associate mostly with softness classic design. And, it makes perfect sense with the open concept floor plans we see today. Furniture placement has moved out from the walls and more and more it is curated to float out in a room.

Natures Influence

All around us nature provides us with vivid color, striking scenery, and dramatic textures. Whether you enjoy a walk in the forest or a bike ride in the mountains, we all want to capture those moments in some fashion in our home to constantly bring us back to that time. The term “Bring the outdoors in” captures perfectly the trend of using unique textures, finishes and materials, such as wicker, rattan or rough/raw materials in interior decor.

Slip-covered Upholstered Furniture

Believe it or not, slip-covered upholstered furniture is coming back. Seeing this in the market was primary evidence of the overall theme “The home should be a place that is livable and comfortable”.

Accent Tables

We have been raving about accent tables for several years. Today, chairs or sofas cannot “float” alone – they cry for a table to be between them or next to them. Instead of reaching the coffee table to get something, the table between the chairs is a more convenient place for your morning coffee, a book, the newspaper or snacks. The market is getting creative with these tables as the popularity has grown.

Console or Sofa Tables

These console or sofa tables have become popular in the market. They serve as a multi-functional piece of furniture. Utilize them in the traditional decorative and functional purpose behind the sofa or even entryway or married with stools behind the sofa to make the best seats in the house for that weekend afternoon tailgate party.

Credenzas for Storage

In most homes storage is crucial. Credenzas and cabinets to the rescue. Today they provide both design and function. They are the perfect answer as added storage for games or perhaps a set of china. They are the obvious choice as a location for the big screen TV or serving station in a dining room. The really good news is that manufacturers have made them to be a beautiful piece of furniture in any room.

I hope you found inspiration in seeing the latest in what is happening in the market and took ideas you like to create a look that is personal and livable for you.

If you would like to hear me talking about how to decorate an open concept floor plan, I would like to invite you to one of my upcoming seminars. You can find more information about the events here.


Marina Pavlova

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