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Custom, from the ground up.

Pre-con huh?

(ˌ p r i ː k ə n ˈ s t r ʌ k ʃ ə n )

Pre-construction. In a nutshell, together, we'll review floor plans of a home that's "coming soon", choose a home and all of its finishes then buy it before it's built. Custom made from the ground up at prices and payment schedules that will make you say "Sign me up."

Pre-construction 101

The Advantages.

Let me share some strong food for thought.

Through Right At Home Realty Inc., I'm able to share my Platinum & VIP pre-construction prices with you. Talk about rollin' out the red carpet.

There are all kinds of advantages with purchasing a brand new, never lived in home (that's one right there), to list a few others:

Affordable Alternative.

You want to save money.

No expenses during the waiting period: while you're waiting for delivery you're not paying property taxes or condo fees. That's

a lot of money saved.

Smaller Payments.

They're done in increments.

The deposit structure for the down payment is spread over many months/years. This gives you more time to save the down payment on your home.

Get into the Market.

Beat high home prices.

Tired of the threat of overpaying for a home in the city with 20-50 other buyers at the same time? No multiple bids first come first serve.

Investment Property.

Employ your money.

Pre-construction homes are great investment vehicles by the time it's built it will have increased in value. While home prices in the GTA are on the rise, during the construction phase your investment is appreciating.

Pre-construction: Get in touch

Interested in


Get in touch.

Share more about how I can help you, ask me questions or start a chat.

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